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What Kind of Gravel Do You Need?

No matter the size of your construction site, you’re probably going to need an aggregate like gravel or sand. There are many different types of these aggregates and they’re all useful in different ways. At Dawson Construction, we’re happy to give you a bit of inside information. 

Types of Gravel 

Gravel, aggregates and sand come in all sizes and shapes, each with their own important features and uses. No matter what you’re building, we can help you find the material you need. These are just some of the varieties of gravel and aggregates we offer clients in Kamloops and throughout Western Canada.

  • Pit run: naturally occurring gravel, with rocks of varying sizes. It’s used as a base layer for roads and driveways and must be machine levelled. 
  • Aggregates: different mixes of gravel or sand that are mixed with binders and then harden into materials like concrete or pavement. We offer different types depending on your needs. 
  • Clear rock: grey rocks that are crushed into small uniform pieces. Typically used for drainage or for driveways or parking lots. 
  • Select granular sub base or SGSB: either crushed or drawn directly from an aggregate source, SBSG forms the loadbearing layer of pavement. 
  • Well-graded base course or WGBC: a finely crushed layer goes on top of the sub base and directly underneath the top layer of concrete or pavement. 
  • Riprap: the largest type of gravel with pieces between 10 and 22 centimetres in diameter. The smaller size can be used as a base layer for roads, and the larger size is often used for erosion control along bodies of fast moving water. 
  • Sand: finely crushed rocks. Can be used as an aggregate to create concrete, and when used without a binding agent, make a good base for play areas, patios and walkways. 
  • Topsoil: the uppermost layer of soil. This nutrient rich earth is often used to start a garden or to improve lawns and gardens.  

The type of gravel or aggregate you need depends on the project. Building a new road will use very different materials than what you’d use for landscaping. Your general contractor can tell you which type you need for your project.

If you need aggregates, gravel or sand, call Dawson Construction in Kamloops today. We’re western Canada’s expert road builders and we can help you with projects big and small.
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