The Safe Handling of Potential Hazards during an Excavation Project

Construction jobs in general and excavating projects in particular are fraught with potential hazards for those working in and around the site. Thankfully, professional excavating contractors in Kamloops and surrounding areas such as Dawson Construction Limited are trained and equipped to handle such hazards in a safe and professional manner.

The Potential Hazards of Excavation

The number one hazard inherent to any excavation project is the potential for a cave-in. When soil is removed and an open pit is left, gravity will naturally want to pull the surrounding soil into the pit. Cave-ins can occur quickly, giving workers little time to react and move out of the way.

Other hazards that can occur during an excavation project include: injuries caused by mechanized equipment, slips and falls in the work area, traffic accidents, and accidental contact with underground and overhead utilities.

Safety Measures Taken by Professional Contractors

The hazards mentioned above can thankfully be prevented by undertaking some important safety measures. The potential for cave-ins is usually mediated by utilizing one of three protective systems: sloping, shoring, and shielding.

Sloping refers to creating a trench with angled walls so that the force of gravity does not pull soil into the hole. Shoring, on the other hand, uses some sort of supportive material to physically prop up the walls of a trench. Finally, shielding is a method of protecting the workers themselves with a protective barrier known as a "trench box."

Professional contractors can also prevent crushing, striking, or slipping injuries by keeping the work area well organized, cordoning off areas around digging equipment, and enforcing the use of protective equipment. Furthermore, experienced contractors can ensure that all overhead and underground utilities are located before the project begins, and that traffic is diverted from the area.

Excavating Contractors in Kamloops

If you require excavating work and want the project to be completed with professionalism and a high commitment to safety, then don't hesitate to call the general and excavating contractors at Dawson Construction Limited.

At Dawson Construction Limited we have been providing excavating services for both commercial and residential clients in Kamloops and surrounding areas for nearly 100 years. We have the experience to make sure the job is done right, on time, and in a safe manner.

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