Steps involved when building a road

When it comes to properly paving your highway or project, there’s more to it than simply laying down a strip of asphalt. Because major roadwork is seen as being a drawback for morning and afternoon commuters alike, it’s important that your project is done smoothly and without delay. We here at Dawson Construction provide only the highest quality services when it comes to dealing with your large-scale construction projects. Let our experts show you just how easy it can be to get the job done right and on time.

1. Planning and design:

Before even lifting a finger to start your new road project, you first need to come up with a plan. Where roadwork is concerned, there are certain key things that have to be considered before breaking ground. Some of these include:

  • • Traffic volume of your location
  • • Type of soil
  • • Utility pipes
  • • Weather conditions
2. Demolition and removal:
Before beginning the actual process of paving a new road, your have to remove the remnants of the old one. Heavy machinery is used to demolish and remove the old road in dump trucks away from the worksite.

3. Earthwork:
There are three steps involved in preparing the earth for the construction of any road. First the soil has to be mounted. This means it has to be shaped by a combination of excavation machinery and bulldozers that will move the earth into place. The second step is grading. Using mostly manual labour, the surface layer of the ground is made level and readied for the paving process. Once this is complete, a layer of soil, concrete and limestone is added to stabilize your future roadway.

4. Paving
Now it’s finally time for you to get paving. Depending on the expected traffic and frequency, different roads will take up to four different layers of asphalt. There is a gravel layer, which is responsible for limiting the effects of freezing and thawing temperatures. A binder layer will protect your road from the effects of heavy traffic and vibrations in the lower levels. Finally, you have the surface layer. This layer is responsible for providing friction and a smooth, noiseless surface for your vehicle to roll on.

If you’re looking for road builders and paving contractors in Kamloops, call the experts at Dawson Construction. We work tirelessly to make sure your job is done well under strict deadlines. Visit us here for more information about our sales and services.
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