5 Reasons you should hire a general contractor

When starting a new project, you always ask yourself the same question: should I hire a general contractor? While it might seem straight forward enough to just hire each individual subcontractor separately, a general contractor will add a dimension of efficiency to make sure your project gets finished on time. At Dawson Construction, we offer general contractors for any project in British Columbia. Let our experts show you why hiring a general contractor is the right choice for you.

1. A general contractor will save you time

A number of roadblocks and delays can happen over the course of your construction project. Weather complications (among other issues) can be a costly setback. Luckily for you, hiring a general contractor can all but eliminate any downtime when it comes to completing your project on time. An experienced contractor will work around these setbacks and schedule your subcontractors in a way that will maximize efficiency on your jobsite. They can save you weeks—or even months—and make sure that everything on your worksite runs smoothly.

2. Available capital
A professional contractor will always have access to funding that will keep your project from running into unnecessary delays. Most subcontractors will demand payment immediately while completing a given job, but as you know, that’s not always possible. You general contractor will make sure anyone who threatens to pull out of your job gets paid and that your project gets finished in full.

3. Existing relationships are a plus
An experienced general contractor will have existing relationships with the suppliers and subcontractors that you’ll need to get your project completed on time. Subcontractors can be very selective about which jobs they decide to take. With an experienced contractor, chances are they’ve already worked together—meaning they know your contractor has the proper construction knowledge and that they’ll be paid on time and in full.

4. They know the job
Hiring an experienced contractor means never having to question whether or not everything is up to code. Why? They’ll know whether or not your project falls within the bounds of building codes and regulations. You won’t have to worry about any of the details.

5. They’re certified
Contractors that are provincially certified are guaranteed to do the job right. Don’t settle for a second-rate product. Hiring certified general contractors in Kamloops will always result in the best job possible.

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