5 Tips for construction zone safety on the road

Traffic control

This one’s very important. Traffic control is a major part of construction zone safety when working on a busy roadway. To begin, you must have a series of warning signs well in advance of your worksite that warn oncoming motorists of the driving conditions that lie ahead. You should also use traffic control devices such as cones and barriers to divert drivers away from your work area and into clearly defined lanes. These cones should also leave a comfortable buffer before the construction actually starts. You should also have proper signage to indicate the end of your work zone.

Safety equipment
Wearing the proper safety equipment is one of the most effective forms of accident prevention. When doing highway construction in Fort St John and Kamloops, be sure your entire team are wearing their hard hats, steel toe boots and a highly reflective safety vest. Visibility and protection are key when it comes to keeping your worksite safe.

Be aware
Always be aware of what is going on around your worksite. If your project requires you to have construction vehicles crossing the middle of the road near oncoming traffic, make sure that you have someone to stop oncoming vehicles and to let them know when it’s safe to keep driving. All operators of heavy machinery should make sure that their mirrors are adjusted so that there aren’t any blind spots around their vehicle.

Be extra cautious at night
If you have to work at night, it’s import to be extra vigilant and always be aware of your surroundings, especially when working close to oncoming traffic.

Start every morning with a safety meeting
Each morning should start with a meeting that outlines each and every safety measure that should be taken throughout the day. Be sure to go over any work conditions that might have changed and take the time to remind your team about the safety protocols to keep while on site.

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