Dawson Construction Limited Career Opportunities

Dawson Construction Limited maintains a work force comprised of various skilled equipment operators and tradespeople, operations supervisors, and other professional and administrative personnel. Our highly skilled workforce enables us to effectively and safely complete all aspects of the roads building sector.

Dawson Construction offers a family-oriented work environment with exciting long-term career potential. Staff positions offer competitive remuneration packages including full benefits with an extended health plan and pension plan.

Due to ever changing staffing requirements, Dawson accepts resumes from all interested individuals and keeps those resumes on file for 3 months.

Please send your resume to: employment@dawcon.com

Commitment to Staff

Dawson Construction Limited is an honest and open organization that is committed to providing support and development through the training and education of our staff. This commitment enables us to effectively work together and grow together. Further, this commitment will provide us the ability to continually better the efficiency of our day to day processes which, in turn, will allow us to deliver higher and better quality products and services.

Hiring Policy

Dawson Construction Limited firmly believes in fair and equitable employment for all to enjoy. We will not discriminate when hiring and we will always follow local, provincial, and federal employment rules and regulations. In accordance with existing collective agreements, Dawson draws upon existing union members from the hall where required skills are available.

Training and Opportunities

We believe that individual training opens the door to individual opportunities and collectively, a highly trained staff opens doors to opportunity for the Company. Dawson Construction Limited is committed to having a highly trained staff and therefore is open to all training requests that better our staff in the jobs they perform.

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